Friday, December 2, 2011

'I've wanted to win a Grammy all my life'... says 16-year-old Justin Bieber after he lands two nominations



Freaking out: First-time Grammy nominee Justin Bieber arrives at Radio One this morning where he told host Fearne Cotton he'd wanted to win one all his life

He might only be 16 years old but Justin Bieber is a boy that has always set his sights high.

The teenager said today that he was delighted to have been nominated for two Grammy Awards as he's wanted to win one all of his life.

Speaking on Radio One this morning, he said he sat up until 5.30am to hear that he had been nominated for the prestigious music awards.

And he told his host Fearne Cotton that he had been 'freaking out' when he heard the news.

He said: I stayed up to hear the Grammy nominations, it's amazing, am so excited! Last night I was freaking out, all my life I have wanted to win a Grammy.'

Canadian-born Justin was nominated for Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Album, a category in which he will go head-to-head with Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, John Mayer and Susan Boyle.

Coming through! Justin is herded through a throng of screaming fans as he arrives for his radio interview

Nominations for the 53rd Grammy Awards were announced during an hour-long concert event at Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles last night.

Justin performed live from London via satellite for the event, which was hosted by LL Cool J, and also featured performances by Katy Perry and Train.

And when asked about his nominations, the teenager appeared to be at a loss for words when LL Cool J asked him how it felt.

Live from London: Justin talks to LL Cool J in Los Angeles via satellite during the nominations show last night

Shell-shocked: Justin performed live from London via satellite on the Grammy nomination show in Los Angeles

He said: 'Wow. It feels amazing. I can't believe I'm in this position. I want to thank all my fans, everybody. I want to thank ... the board. I don't know what to say, I don't think of myself as a superstar.'

This morning, before heading off for his interview with Fearne, he took to his Twitter page to declare: 'Ok kinda shellshock. Well not kinda...totally shellshock. Don't even remember what I said!'

But then Justin, who has been fighting a cold, admitted: 'Up all last night because of the Grammys and now still a lil sick and soooo tired. all good though. we go hard.'

Special guest: Justin talks to Fearne Cotton on her Radio 1 show this morning

He also spoke to Fearne about being in Britain and how much he had enjoyed performing on the X Factor and meeting Cheryl Cole, who he said was 'hot' and 'fit'.

But he said he could never live in the UK 'because the weather's depressing' and he laughed about the Brits 'going crazy just for a little bit of snow'.

And being just 16, he also spoke about his mother travelling with him around the world - but admitted she still punishes him if he plays her up.

He said: 'The other day she cancelled my phone plan. We got into an argument about something stupid, and she was like, "Give me the phone", and I was like, "No", so she just went and cancelled it.

'I think every parent and son argue, but I love my mum.'

X Factor frenzy: Justin was given a rousing and screaming reception when he performed on the ITV show on Sunday

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