Saturday, December 3, 2011

Perez Hilton sheds light on 2NE1’s “Don’t Stop the Music” MV


We all know about the infamous Perez Hilton’s infatuation in kpop and 2NE1 in particular (he posted MVs including Try to Follow Me and Clap Your Hands on his site right after both videos hit the net), and it looks like the gossip blogger’s loving the fearsome foursome’s latest music video as well!

The music video for Don’t Stop the Music which was just released today has found its way onto Perez’s blog under a post titled “New 2NE1!” with the caption, “We likey!!!!” Despite the brevity, it’s nice to see Perez shedding such a positive light on both 2NE1 and the kpop industry yet again.

In case you haven’t seen this fun-loving MV yet, make sure to set aside four minutes and enjoy it below:

In the past, Perez has also given praise to other Korean artists including Sori, Taeyang and SNSD on his blog and even has an entire category devoted to kpop.

source: allkpop