Monday, December 26, 2011

Willow Smith whips her hair back and forth: Young singer gets her swag on in photoshoot



Getting jiggy with it: Willow Smith gets into the groove for her photo shoot for the London Sunday Times magazine while her mother Jada and her dog look on

Willow Smith is back in front of the cameras once again - seen here in stills from a behind the scenes video of a wild and funky fashion shoot.

The 10-year-old rapper and fashion icon whose catchy debut single 'Whip My Hair' made a huge Internet splash when it debuted in October, will appear in an upcoming edition of the Sunday Times's Style magazine.

Willow once again displays her unique, signature fashion style and is dubbed a 'Living Doll' on the front of the mag.

Hair raising: 'I get my flow from my Daddy and my singing ability from my Mummy,' says the pint-size performer

Look out! The crew stays well clear of Willow's long, flying plait as she whips her hair

In the clip, Willow is seen entering the studio and heading to hair and make-up, where she continues to whip her hair back and forth as her catchy song plays in the background.

She then poses in a variety of outfits in front of the camera, including dressing up in riding gear, complete with a riding crop, before donning a bright yellow plaid mini skirt and holding a large bunch of yellow balloons.

Later she switches the balloons for a pair of silver pom-poms and breaks into some cheer leading moves.

After having an almost floor-length single plait attached to her hair with a huge pink bow on top of her head, Willow continues to whip her hair back and forth for the cameras.

Call me mini Marie Antoinette: Willow takes a break in between filming

Playing it cool: Willow is totally relaxed as she makes her way to the London studio to prepare for her photo shoot

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