Friday, December 2, 2011

Wheelchair-bound blonde dressed only in underwear 'patted down' by airport security staff for more than an hour



Banovac chose to wear her underwear because of a nasty experience two weeks ago at airport security. She is typically hand-searched at airports because she uses a metal wheelchair

A wheelchair-bound blonde, who stripped down to her underwear for airport security was still searched for more than an hour, forcing her to miss her flight.

Knowing that her wheelchair would set off the metal detector, Tammy Banovac arrived at Oklahoma airport clad in nothing but black underwear and a trenchcoat in a bid to beat an over-the-top ‘pat-down’.

But the stunning 52-year-old – who accessorised her outfit with just a pearl necklace and a white dog - was still subjected to a lengthy and intimate search causing her to miss her flight to Phoenix, Arizona.

The whole event was captured on video by a fellow passenger and follows several other recent videos showing passengers enduring humiliating treatment at the hands of American airport security officials.

Anger has been growing in the US over ‘intimate’ searches involving officers runnig their hands over passengers’ groin areas.

Ms Banovac She told a local paper that an uncomfortable airport search two weeks ago left her feeling violated and she had hoped to avoid a repeat situation.

'If it happened anywhere else, it would have been sexual assault,' she told The Oklahoman of the previous search.

Banovac, 52, brought clothes with her to put on after she and her pet pooch cleared security

An airport spokeswoman told a CBS affiliate that she had to be subjected to the pat-down because she refused to go through the metal detector at all.

Unfortunately for Banovac, security officers then detected traces of nitrates, which can be used to make explosives, on her wheelchair. She believes the traces may have been caused by some medication or a recent hunting trip.

She then endured more than an hour of hand searches and questioning from officers, causing her to miss her flight.

She went home and repeated the security process and pat-down on Wednesday, again in just her underwear.

As no explosives were detected, she was able to make the plane to Phoenix.

source: dailymail [endtext]