Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tensi Love’s new song is all about eating cake?!
Tensi Love is a little known male-female duo consisting of Hwang Ye-jun (male composer) and Koh Ji-hoo (female vocalist) with a musical style that is similar to Clazziquai.

They recently released a music video for their new song Cake House, and it is cute to say the least! Only the female vocalist appeared in the music video, but it's easy to understand why because she's rather cute.

Although the music video does seem a little low budget, I still loved it. I mean it's hard to complain when you have a really cute girl singing a whole song about eating cake. The song might seem simple at first, but it really grows on you the more you listen to it.

All this talk about eating cake reminds me of how I used to nag my mom every year to get me a cake on my birthday. After 7 years of nagging she finally gave in. When I turned 13, I arrived home from school to find my mom waiting for me at the door as usual. However, this time she didn't have a broomstick in her hands, but instead she welcomed me inside with a bright smile. It only became weirder when she told me I could skip my chores for that day, and that I should just head straight into the kitchen. She was being awfully nice to me, and so naturally I became a little suspicious.

However, all the suspicions went straight out the window when I entered the kitchen to find a cake on the table. I was so happy that I was ready to declare it the best birthday ever right then and there. But there was just one thing keeping it from being the perfect birthday, there were no candles. When I asked her why, she told me it was because candles were evil and that every time a candle is lit, a baby penguin dies. I love penguins to death and so I gladly accepted the wooden twigs my mom gave me in lieu of the candles.

My mom told me she personally made the cake herself, and it looked she was telling the truth for once because the cake looked very poorly made. It was supposed to be a mud pie, but it looked more like a mud pile instead. However, like they said, it's the thought that counts.

I felt like I was exploding from excitement, my first ever birthday cake and it was chocolate too! My favorite! I offered her a slice, but she vehemently refused it. That was really odd since she loves chocolate, but I guess she must have wanted me to have the whole cake to myself. My mom has never been this nice to me before. It must be because it was my birthday.

All of my excitement from before immediately disappeared when I took my first bite of the cake. It tasted terrible, just terrible. It felt gritty, bitter, and overall just dirty. I thought it was just because this was my mom's first attempt at making something like this, but then I looked down and an earthworm was crawling out from inside the pie. Then it dawned on me, I guess she meant it when she said it was a mud pie. The whole thing turned out to be just a pile of mud with some wooden twigs on top. I thought my mom had made a mistake, and so I was going to let her know that it was real mud she was using in the cake. However, I had a funny feeling she already knew that because she was already on the flooring laughing like a wild animal. Needless to say, I never bothered her for a birthday cake ever again.