Friday, December 30, 2011

Snow excuses: Chantelle Houghton and new man Rav don't let the big freeze get in the way of training, enjoying a romantic workout in the park



Funny run: The loved-up couple were all smiles as they jogged around the park

It can be easy to pile on the pounds with romantic dinner dates or cosy nights in during the honeymoon stages of any new relationship.

But Chantelle Houghton and new boyfriend Rav Wilding are determined to stay in shape and enjoyed an outdoor workout together in the snow yesterday.

Undeterred by the chilly temperatures the pair jogged around the park before performing push-ups and sit-ups using a blue and white exercise board.

Offering advice: Rav helped Chantelle with her form as she performed a plank in the snow

But it was not all hard work and the couple had plenty of time for kisses and cuddles as they frolicked around in the snow showing off some rather unorthodox exercise positions.

The pair who have been dating for around eight weeks were all smiles as Rav helped Chantelle perform squats and adjusted her push up position.

But the concentration didn’t last long and the loved-up couple burst into fits and giggles as they pushed each other onto the grass.

Fooling around: The concentration doesn't last long and Chantelle collapsed in a fit of giggles in the snow

The pair, who had wrapped up warm to train in the Essex park looked healthy and very happy.

Chantelle, who is a size eight to ten, donned an aqua-blue hoody with matching trainers and grey leggings for the outdoor excursion.

Perhaps displaying her mood, The Big Brother star’s jumper bore the caption ‘love and hope’ while her leggings had a kisses and hearts print down the left leg.

Bizarre technique: As Rav attempted a plank Chantelle helped him out by climbing on top of him

Displayed his toned physique, Rav opted for a tight navy training top and baggy white Adidas jogging pants.

Chantelle will be keen to keep her new figure in check after losing over a stone this year.

Before entering the Ultimate Big Brother house, Chantelle embarked on a gruelling beach boot camp to get into shape for the show.

Getting to grips with her man: As Rav attempted a few stomach crunches Chantelle thwarted his efforts by holding onto his feet. The loved up pair could not stop smiling as they exercised and flirted in the park

Cheeky: Rav couldn't help but laugh as he fell over after Chantelle gave him a big push

Eager to share her success with her fans Chantelle’s boot camp fitness DVD was released three days ago.

Speaking about her healthy lifestyle earlier this months she said: 'I got in shape for Big Brother and just carried on. I feel comfortable in myself - really fit and healthy. I've lost about one-and-a-half stone. It was always in the back of my mind that I wanted to go to the gym, but sometimes you need something to work towards.’

'I'm a size eight to ten now. I've always been a 10 and then I went up to a 12. Then I was creeping up to a 14 and felt uncomfortable. I was 10st 12lbs, now I'm 9st 6lbs,' she added in the interview with New! magazine.

Sweet reward: The pair made time for a spot of kissing during their snow workout

Chantelle was also gushing about her new romance with the Crimewatch presenter and said she was ‘very,very happy’ describing Rav as ‘perfect’.

She said: 'He is just gorgeous, isn't he? If I could write down on paper the kind of guy I would go for, it would be him. His build, his height, his looks. He's absolutely perfect.

He's really kind and caring - he's absolutely amazing.

Explaining her new regime to maintain her slim figure, Chantelle said: 'I'm really conscious about what I eat but I still have days where I eat chocolate cake or a packet of crisps. If you allow yourself something, you don't feel guilty.

'I train three times a week. Sometimes, I just go for a run in the park on my own. I do squats, press-ups and sit-ups.'

But for now at least Chantelle has a training partner who is happy to workout with her in all weathers.

source: dailymail [endtext]