Sunday, December 25, 2011

Performances from Music Core Christmas Special


MBC’s Music Core has returned once again and it promises to be another fun and exciting show.

The top K-pop artists of 2010 have converged together this afternoon since it is a Christmas special, and also to close out the year on a high note as it is the final Music Core episode of the year.

Former MCs, SNSD’s Yuri and Tiffany also returned to host the final episode of 2010, alongside regular MCs, miss A’s Suzy and T-ara’s Jiyeon, making it an all-girl MC line-up this afternoon in the studio. Meanwhile, SHINee’s Minho and Onew hosted the outdoor stage segment.

With the exception of GD&TOP’s performance, all performances from today will be in this article ALONE. Check out the performances below, some with special Christmas treats!

♬ 2010 LEGEND of Stage

SNSD 『Oh! + Hoot』

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