Friday, December 30, 2011

Park Myung Soo’s “Udon” with Ga-in?
Gagman Park Myung Soo has cleared up the rumors surrounding his next potential track "Udon."

Park Myung Soo's manager Han Kyung Ho stated:

"It's true that we asked E-Tribe (who created the Infinity Challenge-duet song "Naengmyun") for a song. However, "Udon" is from another producer who had asked if we were interested in doing a new single with Brown Eyed Girls member Ga-in. But we declined."

Apparently, prior to receiving this offer, Park Myung Soo had already vested himself to produce the album on his own, hence he had declined the offer.

That's unfortunate, a single with Ga-in would've been pretty awesome. Oh well, at least there's still Naengmyun.