Saturday, December 31, 2011

Outlook is bright as U.S. weather girl accepts boyfriend's surprise proposal live on air
By Cher Thornhill

What are you doing here? A forecast on the U.S. Weather Channel is interrupted when presenter Kim Perez's boyfriend steps on to the set

She may have forecast stormy weather but the outlook certainly appears bright for weather girl Kim Perez.

The unsuspecting presenter was describing rainfall in South Florida on the US Weather Channel when her boyfriend walked in front of the camera and proposed.

Policeman Marty Cunningham had clearly prepared for the moment which was accompanied by a soundtrack of tear-jerkers.

Instant atmosphere: A heart appears on the weather map as policeman Marty Cunningham gets on one knee to a Hollywood-style soundtrack

Tear-jerker: Kim holds back tears as Marty asks her to marry him on-air

Happy ending: The couple kiss before a voiceover introduces the football forecast

'You got me': Kim's marriage proposal has become an internet favourite

As he got down on one knee, the words ‘Will you marry me?’ appeared in a heart in place of the America weather map.

The beaming police sergeant said: ‘We've been talking about this for a long time.
‘And I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

'So I'm asking you today, will you please marry me?’
Miss Perez immediately threw her arms around her boyfriend and said: 'I will,' before adding ‘You got me’ and ‘You make me so happy.’

The unconventional proposal has been viewed by hundreds and become an internet favourite.

Miss Perez worked as a weather forecaster in the Air Force before joining the Weather Channel.