Monday, December 5, 2011

Netizens praise SISTAR’s MR-removed performance of ‘How Dare You’


The hottest trend for Korean netizens lately appears to be uploading MR-removed versions of performances, and SISTAR’s ‘Music Bank‘ live of “How Dare You” is the newest on the list.

Surprising all with its reveal of strong vocals, netizens commented, “The main vocalist Hyorin has the volume, right breathing techniques, and vocals; there’s nothing she’s lacking. She’s a real treasure.” and “They’re good at live. They’re a group you gradually begin to gain interest in. They’re really refreshing to listen to.”

Meanwhile, SISTAR has been dominating online music charts ever since the official release of their comeback album.

Check out the MR-removed version for yourself below!

source : allkpop [endtext]