Monday, December 5, 2011

Johnny Depp was here! The Tourist star turns graffiti artist at his favourite Italian restaurant


Rising star! He's already conquered Hollywood, now Johnny Depp is taking on the art world, seen here painting a self portrait in Venice, Italy in April

Hollywood star Johnny Depp shows his artistic side as he paints a self portrait of his famous swashbuckling character Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

Depp showed his talented inner self while staying in Venice filming The Tourist with legendary man snatcher Angelina Jolie which hits the cinemas later this week.

The A list actors - who had never worked before together let alone met - spent three months together filming the romantic thriller in the picturesque Italian lagoon city.

Johnny Depp was here! The actor left a permanent thank-you note

During shooting Depp stayed in a private suite at the luxury Palazzina Grassi where he was even given his own 'jamming room' where he could strum away at two electric guitars.

But his favourite haunt, just five minutes walk from the hotel, was pizzeria La Rosa Rossa, where owner Cristiano Vitale, now has the actor's denim jacket hanging on the wall in glass cabinet.

Vitale revealed how Depp was happy to get behind the bar and mix cocktails for customers and staff with the evenings turning into well lubricated mornings.

He tends bar too! Johnny mixes it up behind the bar at La Rosa Rossa

Vitale said: 'Johnny was the life and soul of the party and he treated us like we were part of his family - we had some great nights in the bar and he brought his wife and children in for dinner a couple of time.

'I even let him do a self portrait on the ceiling of the pizzeria and he signed it - we have a great picture of him standing on a step ladder painting it.

'He promised he would come back and visit us as soon as we can and we're ready to welcome him back. Angelina never came here - Johnny said our place was just for him.'

With Depp's self portrait on the ceiling that's one Venice pizzeria he can certainly call his own.

Disney character Jack Sparrow inspired Depp's self portrait

Hard at work: The Hollywood stars, who had never met before starting the project, filmed most of the movie in in Venice, Italy, earlier this year


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