Monday, December 26, 2011

IU wins Inkigayo Mutizen again + other performances


t’s coming to the end of the year for 2010, and Inkigayo promises to be another fun and exciting show filled with amazing performances from the top singers in Korea.

Due to Jo Kwon’s involvement with 2AM’s concert, CNBLUE’s Jungshin takes his MC spot

The Take 7 nominees were KARA (‘Jumping‘), IU (“Good Day“), GD&TOP (‘High High‘), Park Hyo Shin (‘I Promise You‘), T-ara (‘Yayaya‘), SISTAR (‘How Dare You‘), and Seo In Young (‘Into The Rhythm‘). KARA and Park Hyo Shin did not perform today.

T-ara also recorded an employment video!

After winning #1 on all music shows since last week, IU continues her run by bagging her second consecutive Mutizen win to crown off a marvelous year! Congratulations to IU!

Performers include GD&TOP, Seo In Young, T-ara, IU, SISTAR, Orange Caramel, No Yoo Min, Jang Yoon Jung, JJ, Woo Joo, Kan Jong Wook, Bebe Mignon, Ab Avenue, Chun G, and F1rst.


source: allkpop [endtext]