Sunday, December 25, 2011

Fans worry over T-ara wearing fishnets in freezing weather

A recent series of tweets from T-ara’s Eunjung have caused fans some concern.

On December 24th, T-ara performed on KBS 2TV’s “80 Days of Promises“.

The concert was held outside in -18°C weather, and the girls wore a short-sleeved fishnet one-piece that hardly seemed capable of protecting them from cold. Audience members and viewers alike expressed that they were uncomfortable watching T-ara shiver on stage.

Eunjung tweeted after the event, “People said it was still cold no matter how many layers of hanbok (traditional wear) they were wearing. Short sleeves and a fishnet one-piece… I’d like to apologize to the audience and TV viewers that were surprised. Even now, our car is filled with the sound of coughing.”

She wrote a separate tweet to her friend Ara, “I seriously felt the mystery of the human body. It felt like my skin was splitting, my joints were hardening, and my eyes were popping out of their sockets.”

Fans are showing their support, while criticizing the stylists for having them wear fishnets in Korea’s first cold wave in 30 years. One fan commented, “I could feel the cold through the TV monitor. Wearing fishnets in such cold weather, it was upsetting to watch the members shiver like that.”

source: allkpop [endtext]