Monday, November 28, 2011

SNSD wins Inkigayo Mutizen triple crown + other performances


Despite the tense atmosphere enveloping the whole Korean peninsular this past week, SBS has decided to go ahead with the November 28th broadcast of Inkigayo this afternoon, and it promises to be another fun and exciting show filled with amazing performances from the top singers in Korea.

Check the outfits that our lovely MCs sported today.

The Take 7 nominees for this week were KARA (‘Jumping‘), SNSD (‘Hoot‘), Psy (‘Right Now‘), B2ST (‘Beautiful‘), Orange Caramel (‘A~ing♡‘), Supreme Team (‘Then Then Then‘), and 2AM (‘You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls‘). All the nominees performed this afternoon.

And it was the SNSD girls who claimed their triple crown with their 3rd Inkigayo Mutizen for their ‘Hoot’ hit song, which matches their triple crown haul on Music Bank. Congratulations!

Other performers include SNSD, KARA, 2AM, B2ST, PSY, Orange Caramel, Outsider, Nine Muses, Oh Won Bin, Byul, NS Yoon Ji, December, F.Cuz, VNT, and Suk Hee.

source: allkpop [endtext]