Thursday, November 24, 2011

Is there anything Cheryl Cole can't do? X Factor judge shows off her baking skills



Look what I made: Cheryl Cole poses proudly with a tray of scones

It appears there's no end to the many talents of the beautiful Cheryl Cole.

As well being able to sing, dance, model and judge, it appears the 27-year-old can also bake.

The X Factor judge baked a tray of scones for her publicity team yesterday and proudly posed with the baked goods before offering them around.

Posting a photo on their Twitter page, one of SupersonicPR wrote: 'Hot scones fresh out of the oven.'

After joining Girls Aloud when she was just 19, Cheryl's had little time - or need - to to cook for herself.

With her non-stop schedule, Cheryl has most of her meals cooked for her, either by her team or at a restaurant.

And she's made no secret of her love of fast food over the years.

One of her many guises: As an X Factor judge on last weekend's show

But after battling malaria over the summer, doctors reportedly warned the singer to cut down on junk food and start eating more healthily.

Designer Julien McDonald - who was said to have fallen out with the singer after a row at a party early this month - previously said he always used to see her snacking on chocolate and soft drinks.

He said: 'Every time I'm with her she's always got a Mars bar, or she's drinking a full-fat Coke.

'And I say "How do you keep so thin, Cheryl?" and she goes "I'm naturally thin".'

source :dailymail