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I'm A Celebrity: Jenny Eclair and Stacey Solomon are treated to a night of luxury as they lead Camp Sheila to victory




Night of luxury: Jenny Eclair and Stacey Solomon were treated to a night of luxury on I'm A Celebrity

Jenny Eclair and Stacey Solomon were treated to a night of luxury after leading their Camp Sheila to victory.

While Jenny succeeded in getting seven stars in the Bushtucker Trial, Stacey beat Linford in a Bounceroo challenge.

And, after winning the luxurious night for herself and another celebrity, Stacey decided to take Jenny following her earlier success.

Proper beds! The girls were given luxurious single beds with duvets, cushions and plump pillows

Stacey and Jenny were treated to beds with duvets, pillows and cushions, a mini bar which included miniatures and beer, sweets and nuts, a bedside table and a rug on the jungle floor.

After arriving for their peaceful evening, Stacey said: 'This is exciting stuff! We've got dressing gowns, we've got peanuts and drink and clean water.'

Jenny said: 'We've got beds with clean sheets and huge cushions and nothing smells of cockroaches! I do feel slightly guilty but not too guilty.'

Girly night: They ate sweets, drank alcohol and had a chat about their fellow campmates

Night night: Jenny and Stacey bid each other good night as they settle down in their luxury beds

The celebrities were told earlier in the day they would be divided into their original teams - Camp Bruce and Camp Sheila - for one competition in which a member from each camp would go up against each other in the Bounceroo.

They were also told the winning team would experience a night of luxury while the losers would have to cope with a night of terror.

After Stacey and Linford volunteered themselves, they made their way to the clearing where they found two huge vats of rotten fruit with tubes attached.

Not so nice: Meanwhile Linford and Aggro had to endure a night of terror after losing a task

Terrified: Linford and Aggro didn't get much sleep while spending the night in the terror cave

They were then told they would have to squash as much fruit to make as much liquid as possible while wearing kangaroo suits and bouncing up and down on elastic.

And while Linford got off to a good start, his enthusiasm didn't match Stacey's analytical skills.

After figuring out which of the fruits would liquidise the easiest, Stacey quickly got the hang of things, and ended up beating her Olympic champion competitor.

Afterwards, Stacey said: 'We were so competitive…I don’t think he was that happy I won…he was a bit of a sulk.'

Bounceroo! Linford and Stacey donned kangaroo outfits to bounce on rotten fruit to get juice out

Winner! Stacey thought about the task tactically and ended up beating Olympic champion Linford

And a disappointed Linford confessed: 'You whooped my a*s! I’m thinking how do I tell the guys I’ve lost and will one of them come and spend a night of terror.'

When they headed back to camp, Linford decided to test his campmates by asking who wanted to spend a night of luxury before adding that he would choose who were quickest to respond for the night of terror.

On the other side of camp, Stacey was keen for one of her campmates to take her place and to go with another celebrity for the luxurious night.

But the rest of the ladies refused to let her forfeit her win, and Stacey eventually decided she would take Jenny with her, because she completed the task so successfully earlier in the day.

Explosion: Jenny Eclair completed the Dreaded Digger task, which Gillian refused to take part

Determined: Jenny's competitive side set in and she ended up winning seven stars for camp

However, on the boys team, the decision was not so easy as Dom refused to go as he had already had a night of terror when he first started on the show.

He told Jenny: 'I've had a bad one. I've been in Guantanamo and I'm not doing it again. I'll do the task tomorrow.'

At the end of the day, Aggro decided he would keep the calm and volunteered to go with Linford for the night of terror.

The pair then had their worst fears recognised when they were told they would have to spend the night in a dark cave, with only a candle for light, where they were joined by guests including spiders and cockroaches.

Uninvited guests: Jenny was joined by cockroaches, meal worms and nippy green ants in the digger

They were told they would have to last the whole night in order to win tea, coffee and pastries for the rest of camp.

Linford and Aggro were given the option of leaving the cave at any time, but that would mean the girls would have to leave their luxury as well.

When the boys and the girls headed back into camp, Stacey and Jenny tried to play down their night by just labelling it 'good'.

And when the boys came back, they labelled it a 'piece of p**s' before giving their tea and coffee to the rest of the camp.

Poo-gate: Kayla was furious after having to clear up someone else's faeces in the jungle toilet

Aggro said: 'We got breakfast for the camp, everybody's happy and I think we're going to have a good day.'

Earlier in the day, Jenny had blasted fellow campmate Gillian McKeith after she managed to get seven stars on the 'Dreaded Digger' Bushtucker Trial which the nutritionist refused to even try.

As she returned to camp after the trial, the comedian told the rest of her celebrities the trial was something 'a four-year-old could have done'.

But the comment didn't go down too well with Gillian, who accused Jenny of trying to make her feel bad.

First of all, the camp had to decide which of them would be taking part in the Dreaded Digger task.

After realising it was the task Gillian had refused to do, Dom said: 'It's the one Gillian pulled out of because she was unable to turn a wheel.'

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